Staff Directory
Adams, Nicole  Principal Middle/High School 507-665-5800
Aguilar, Maria Hispanic Outreach Coordinator/Secretary Park Elementary 507-665-4702
Amela, Lezlie  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5876
Anderson, Nick  Science Middle/High School 507-665-5888
Anfinson, Mary ECFE Park Elementary 507-665-4722
Baston, Jill  Grade 4/5 STEM Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5917 
Battern, Ky  Business Manager District Office 507-665-4603
Bear, Drew  Network Technician Middle/High School 507-665-5892
Bense, Keith  DAPE Park Elementary 507-665-5835
Berger, Renee  ECFE Henderson 507-665-4631
Bigaouette, Frank Grade 4/5 STEM Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5922
Bjorlin, Daniel  Reading Park Elementary 507-665-4724
Browne-Krosch, Crista American Sign Language Middle/High School 507-665-5809
Brunelle, Anthony  English Middle/High School  507-665-5885
Bruns, Rick Social Studies Middle/High School 507-665-5868
Burdorf, Teri Reading Middle/High School 507-665-5817
Byro, Elke  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5881
Calsbeek, Theresa  Grade 1 Park Elementary 507-665-4731
Carlen, Corey Physical Education Park Elementary 507-665-4743
Carpenter, Stacy High School Counselor Middle/High School 507-665-5807
Christ, Jeff Physical Education/Health Middle/High School 507-665-5836
Davis, Marnie  Food Service Director Middle/High School 507-665-5813
Determan, Julie Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5881
Dhaene, Paula  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5800
Doebbeling, Jeanne Media/Technology Assistant Middle/High School 507-665-5831
Doerr, Irene Secretary to Principal Middle/High School 507-665-5802
Domras, Christine  Paraprofessional Park Elementary 507-665-4757
Donovan, Jessica  Communications Middle/High School 507-665-5800
Eischens, Stefanie  Grade 3  Park Elementary 507-665-4746
Engel, Karyl  ECFE Coordinator Park Elementary 507-665-4631
Enz, Kristin  ECSE Teacher Park Elementary 507-665-4718
Erie, Rachel  Kindergarten Park Elementary 507-665-4717
Fahey, Jackie  Administrative Assistant District Office 507-665-4602
Feterl, Amanda  Principal Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5900
Flatin, Erica  ECSE Teacher Park Elementary 507-665-4716
Forcelle, Sue  ECFE - Parent Educator Park Elementary 507-665-4631
Frischmon, Alexis  Grade 4/5 STEM  Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5919
Fritz, Sherri  Social Studies/Reading Middle/High School 507-665-5856
Froehlich, Shannon  Art Middle/High School 507-665-5821
Genelin, Crystal  School Nurse  District Wide 507-665-4711
Goettl, Catherine  Little Giants Henderson 507-665-4631
Goettl, Melissa  Kids Club Park Elementary 507-665-4754
Graff, Joanne  Records/Activities Director Secretary Middle/High School 507-665-5805
Greisen, David Special Education Middle/High School 507-665-5880
Gupton, Adina  Grade 3 Park Elementary 507-665-4750
Ham, Susan Special Education Middle/High School 507-665-5881
Hawkins, Becki  ABE Coordinator Ziebarth ALC 507-665-4626
Heinz, Joan  Grade 4/5 STEM Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5923
Hennen, Maria  Spanish Middle/High School 507-665-5872 
Hill, Tracy  Paraprofessional Hilltop Elementary 507-665-4721 
Hink, Craig  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5880
Hirn, Mary  School Nurse District Wide 507-665-4711
Hoffman, Deedra  Tech/Library Assistant Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5990
Holicky, Kris  Paraprofessional Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5918
Hovick, Jennifer  Physical Education/Health Middle/High School 507-665-5819
Hulseberg, Stacey  Biology Middle/High School 507-665-5889
Hynes-Marquette, Sue  Special Education Middle/High School 507-665-5882
Jacobson, Lindsay   Choir Middle/High School 507-665-5838
Jensen, Gert  Science Middle/High School 507-665-5883
Jensen, Jerry  Superitendent District Office  507-665-4600
Jensen, LaRayne  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5880
Kleinschmidt, Katie  CD Counselor Middle/High School 507-665-5845
Korbel, Janelle  Speech Clinician Middle/High School 507-665-5844
Krekelberg, Patricia  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5876
Laabs, Pat  Library Assistant Park Elementary 507-665-4712
Laabs, Stephanie  Grade 1 Park Elementary 507-665-4732
Leary, Kathy  Grade 1 Park Elementary 507-665-4729
Lewis, Eric  Math Middle/High School 507-665-5857
Lindell, Laura  Elementary ELL Park Elementary 507-665-5925 
Liu, Peiling  ESL/Outreach Worker Middle/High School 507-665-5854
Ludwig, LaRae  TOSA Middle/High School 507-665-5861
Luna, Christa  Reading Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5921
Marcussen, Don  Business Education Middle/High School 507-665-5851
Maus, Denice  Middle School/High School Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5800 
McCoy, Sherri Grade 3 Park Elementary 507-665-4728
McDonald, Christine  Principal/ Curriculum & Instruction Director Park Elementary 507-665-4700
McGraw, Denise  ECFE Park Elementary 507-665-4631
Mediger, Pam  Receptionist Middle/High School 507-665-5801
Meyer, Pam  Secretary to Principal Park Elementary 507-665-4701
Miller, Bill  Communications Middle/High School 507-665-5874
Nelson, Cindi Kindergarten Park Elementary 507-665-4721
Nolte, Michele  Paraprofessional Park Elementary 507-665-4718
O'Neill, Ellen  Grade 3 Park Elementary 507-665-4725
Ovrebo, Chris  Technology Director Middle/High School 507-665-5832
Padgett, Christina  ECFE Park Elementary 507-665-4723
Peters, Bev  Payroll District Office  507-665-4605
Pfarr, Kristan  Elementary Counselor Park/Hilltop Elementary 507-665-4706
Pletke, Rachel  Band Middle/High School 507-665-5837
Powell, Rhonda  Grade 4/5 STEM Hilltop Elementary 507-665-4727
Prokosh, Sheri  Little Giants Park Elementary 507-665-4723 
Propp, Brad  Science Middle/High School 507-665-5884
Quiram, Tom Grade 2 Park Elementary 507-665-4749
Rahn, Sheila  Special Education Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5920
Roberts, David  Math Middle/High School 507-665-5887
Roe, Rebecca  Grade 4/5 STEM Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5916
Ronningen, Jared  Industrial Tech Middle/High School 507-665-5826
Rudd, Diane  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5881
Schleeve, Bobbie  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5800
Schluter, Cathy  Math Middle/High School 507-665-5855
Schoeppner, Jeanne  Speech Clinician Park Elementary 507-665-4737
Schultz, Molly  ECSE Park Elementary 507-665-4719
Schwartz, Ruth  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5880
Schwarz, Megan  Special Education Park Elementary 507-665-4754
Shoemaker, Courtney  FACS  Middle/High School 507-665- 5808
Steiger, Robert  Social Studies Middle/High School 507-665-5869
Steinborn, Ruth  ECFE Park Elementary 507-665-4631
Stenzel, Polly  Math Middle/High School 507-665-5865
Stivers, Kris  Transportation Director District Wide 507-665-4650
Stockwell, Karen  Special Education Middle/High School 507-665-5879
Stolee, Allison  Grade 2 Park Elementary 507-665-4727
Swanberg, Dave  Assistant Principal/Activities Director Middle/High School 507-665-5804
Tesch, Rosanne  Kindergarten Park Elementary 507-665-4720
Thelemann, Amy  Paraprofessional Park Elementary 507-665-4754
Turek, Terry  Social Studies Middle/High School 507-665-5867
Undeberg, Karla  Middle School Counselor Middle/High School 507-665-5806
Vrklan, Jennifer Accounting Clerk District Office 507-665-4604
Vrklan, Mark  Industrial Tech Middle/High School  507-665-5824
Vrklan, Todd  Buildings & Grounds Director District Office 507-665-5841
Walters, Lynessa  Special Education Middle/High School 507-665-5881
Wacker, Mona  Paraprofessional  Hilltop Elementary 507-665-5900
Weber, Jan  Paraprofessional Middle/High School 507-665-5876
Weick, Jennifer  Music Park Elementary 507-665-4744
Wendlandt, Ryan  Communications Middle/High School 507-665-5873
Wentzlaff, Theresa  Media Assistant Middle/High School 507-665-5830
Wilbright, Layne  Community Ed/Parks & Recs Director Community Center 507-665-3325
Willaert, Pat Community Ed/ECFE Secretary Community Center 507-665-4621
Winters, Colleen  Grade 2 Park Elementary 507-665-4759
Wilson, Jennifer  ALC Middle/High School 507-665-5864
Zeiher, Ann  Math Middle/High School 507-665-5866