School Board
  The ISD 2397 School Board is the governing body of the district, responsible for developing policy to ensure proper care, management and control of district affairs. The board also hires the superintendent; approves staff hiring, resignations, terminations and leaves of absences; sets the annual local school levy; approves expenditures; approves educational programs, and otherwise ensures that proper facilities and equipment  are available to support teaching and learning within the district.

Public Participation at School Board Meetings

  • The public is welcome to attend all regular and special board meetings and forums.
  • Members of the public may participate in regular school board meetings in the following ways:
    • Request an item to be put on the agenda by calling a Board Member or the Superintendent.
    • Speaking during the Open Forum.
    • Having a discussion with a Board member during the Listening Sessions (held prior to board meetings)
    • Commenting on agenda items during or after presentation--with permission  of school board chairperson at the meeting.

Communication with School Board Members

  • Call board members with suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns you feel cannot or have not been addressed by appropriate building staff and/or administrator.
  • Board members will attempt to answer your questions or find out the answer for you, refer you to the appropriate resource person, and/or bring your item before a board committee or the full school board.
  • School board members can make school-related decisions as part of the full school board.

                                          BOARD MEMBERS

Andrea Faches Amy Hardel
Board Chair Vice Chair
Elected: November 2014 Elected: November 2012
Term Expiration: January 7, 2019 Term Expiration: January 7, 2019
548 S. Main St 507 N. 7th St
Le Sueur, MN 56058 Henderson, MN 56044
(507)665-8053 (507)248-9620
Brian Kane  Erina Prom 
Director  Director
Elected: November 2016  Elected: November 2016
Term Expiration: January 4, 2021  Term Expiration: January 4, 2021
31720 340th Lane  (651)238-7963
Le Sueur, MN 56058   
Kelsey Schwartz  Terry Spence
Clerk Treasurer
Elected: November 2016  Elected: November 2014
Term Expiration: January 4, 2021 Term Expiration: January 7, 2019
36242 295th Ave 318 S. 4th St
Le Sueur, MN 56058  Le Sueur, MN 56058 
(507)475-0739  (612)876-1136
Brian Wiederich   
Elected: November 2014  
Term Expiration: January 7, 2019  
35645 Forest Creek Lane  
Le Sueur, MN 56058